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I'm a singer-songwriter and music producer / engineer from Calgary, Canada.

I enjoy songs that are a brave expression of the truth

of one's heart.  


My influences include folk, indie rock and pop, as well as classical and world music.  


I have worked on music with artists such as

Nadav    co-produced and engineered album "Om"

 Ben Lee    mixed album - Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work

Appleonia       co-wrote "The Shattering" album

George Byrne     musical segments for television spots

Mike Ryan   Mass for Shut-Ins (EP)

Tyler Cameron      assorted recordings

Sparrow Grace    albums "I'm With You" and "Sharanam"

Pamela Alexander (CC Voice)     produced/mixed EP "Wings"

Paul Gettis  Produced/mixed EP

Brian Halsey  co-produced/engineered album "Hipdude's Follies"

Geshela Pema Album in progress

and more...


I have also done some work scoring and remixing short films.


Please feel free to contact me about your project.  I'd love to hear from you!

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